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At Eschaton, we work hard to be able to provide insurance policies tailored to every business owner. We will review with you your business in whole, including not only your assets in need of protection but also the unique liabilities that pertain to your industry. Using that knowledge, we’re able to craft an insurance coverage plan that’s right for you. The list below is just a sample of some of the industries we work with and can provide coverage for, and is by no means complete. Whatever line of business you are in, contact us today and we will be sure to surprise you with the fantastic packages we are able to offer!


Working in the architectural field can be a deeply rewarding experience, but it brings with it it’s own challenges. Both general and professional liability coverages can make sure you’re covered under any circumstances. No matter how big or small the jobs you take on are, you can be rest assured that Eschaton has you covered.


If you run an engineering firm, you don’t need to be told how complicated and demanding that can be. Protecting your business assets and your employees is critical to allowing your team to focus on their work and get you the greatest success possible. At Eschaton Insurance, we help you accomplish exactly that. Crafting comprehensive insurance packages to cover every aspect of your business to keep you working.


You’ve worked hard to earn your trade, with the skills and knowledge to perform tasks that are all too often unsung for the professionalism and expertise that you bring to the table. At Eschaton Insurance, we respect and honor the hard work you’ve put into your business, and we make sure you have the coverage you need to operate at the top of your game. We work hard for you.


HVAC businesses have policy risks and coverage needs that span a wider variety than most businesses. From workman’s comp for your work crews to coverage for your vehicles, not to mention liability, there’s a whole spectrum of coverage that you need, and Eschaton Insurance is here to provide it. Contact us today to keep you and your business running!

Medical Practices

In one of the most stressful and demanding jobs out there, being a physician unfortunately can also mean needing some of the most comprehensive insurance coverage out there too. Liability and malpractice insurance plans make sure that you can work with confidence, knowing you’re covered by a team that’s invested in you.

Dental Offices

You make others smile, and we want to make sure you keep smiling! Liability and malpractice insurance are necessities, but don’t need to be a stressful purchase. We keep you covered so you can focus on your practice!


You help others see, and you deserve to be protected. Insurance coverage for your eye care practice is critical to keeping you in business, and Eschaton Insurance knows all the risks you need to be prepared for. We have the experience and expertise you trust to help you see savings.


The food service industry is a fast paced, high pressure business, with tough competition and passionate people on your team, you need to face every day with 100% of your focus and determination at the ready. Insurance policies for your restaurant have to be able to cover you in every scenario and get you back to work with minimal downtime in the face of a claim. At Eschaton Insurance, we ensure you have the workman’s comp, equipment and other assets, and liability coverage you need to keep you running at full speed.

Photographer/Graphic Design

As an artist, you are invited to participate in so many wonderful special occasions, and you become a custodian for so many memories. Professional insurance from Eschaton Insurance guarantees that you are covered in cases of loss of material or equipment. We may not be able to give those memories back, but you can at least trust that you have the insurance coverage to make things right, and get you back to work as soon as possible.

As you can see, we work with a broad spectrum of industries, and we have the experience, knowledge, and the tools you need to make sure your business is covered, no matter what industry you’re in. Contact us today for a personalized quote for a comprehensive insurance plan for your business!